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Lives Lived Well (LLW) is a leading not-for-profit organisation, working to help people impacted by drugs or alcohol as well as mental health concerns. We work with people to help get their lives back on track by delivering a wide range of programs and services across Queensland and through Lyndon in New South Wales.

Our friendly and expert team sees more than 10,000 people each year across 36 locations.

On 1 September 2017, Lives Lived Well merged with Lyndon in NSW.  Lyndon and Lives Lived Well share a goal to grow the reach and impact of our collective services, in evidence-based best practice alcohol and drug related activities and support. 

LLW was established in May 2012, following the merger of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland (ADFQ), Gold Coast Drug Council (GCDC) and the Queensland Drug and Alcohol Council (QDAC).  Since forming in 2012, Lives Lived Well has supported more than 30,000 people, and provided more than 130,000 episodes of care.

Our services include four low-cost, residential treatment facilities - Wattlegrove – Orange, Logan House – Brisbane, Mirikai – the Gold Coast, Shanty Creek – Mareeba, where people can come and stay and work through a comprehensive program within a supportive therapeutic community environment.

We also provide out-client withdrawal services in North Queensland and a voluntary residential detox service in New South Wales – Lyndon Withdrawal Unit which provides medicated or non-medicated withdrawal for people suffering from alcoholism or other substance abuse.

We offer free alcohol and other drugs counselling, specifically tailored for individuals, families, groups, young people and Indigenous peoples.  Other services include community and youth outreach, drink and drug driving programs, drug diversion, support groups including Stop Pot, Gambling Help, headspace Southport and the Banjara Medical Centre. We also assist with supported accommodation.

We turn hope into reality for our clients.

When our clients are ready, we are there with the tools, time and expertise to support them.  We believe passionately that people can change.  That addictions can be overcome, stigmas can be overturned, and lives can be transformed. We believe that every individual has the right to live with dignity. And that any day is a good day to tackle addiction.

Within our workforce, we have professional, diverse, down to earth and compassionate staff, who are dedicated in working towards a shared purpose. 

We can feel good about what we achieve together.

In 2013, Lives Lived Well was announced as the winner of the Michael Kirby Award for Inclusiveness after demonstrating a commitment to recruiting, training and employing Indigenous employees at our rehabilitation facility in North Queensland.

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Our Vision
Our Vision
Lives Lived Well by promoting and supporting health and wellbeing